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Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is London. Within our London topic, we will be covering skills in English, History, Design and Technology and Art. In History we will be learning about the Great Fire of London, why it happened, why Samuel Pepys is famous and what changes came about as a result of the fire.

In art we have been looking at what the buildings were like in 1666 and what they are like now. We used different sketch pencils to create dark and light on our drawings.

With Mr Sharp we have been looking at the designs of London buildings and we have designed our own that we are making. We have been thinking about how we can make our buildings stronger.

As part of our Geography work we've been finding out what it's like in other countries. We plotted different landmarks on a map and compared them to the landmarks in London.

In English the children have enjoyed making their own information books about the Great Fire of London. They have learnt to make a glossary and index pages. They have learnt that words in the glossary are in bold and words in the glossary and index are in alphabetical order.

Maths this half term has been focusing on place value and understanding of number. We have been making numbers with tens and ones equipment and using this to add and subtract. We have compared numbers and used speaking frames to explain how they know one number is bigger than another.

Autumn 1

In Yellow class our topic this half term is food. In Art we looked at the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted faces made out of different objects including food! We made sculptures made from real fruit and vegetables.

In groups we collaged our own pictures of fruit and vegetable faces.

Also in our Food Art Topic we made pasta faces.

Summer 2

Today for our school trip we went to Affinity Water. We learnt how to classify animals, make food chains, pond dipping and a minibeast hunt. A lovely day was had by all!

Our topic this term is Materials. We will be exploring different types of material and how they are suitable for different purposes. We will be finding out how different materials are made and who invented them. We will be identifying and sorting man-made and natural materials and looking at how materials can be changed.

Summer 1

Today in preparation for the circus we had a circus workshop. We learnt to juggle, balance feathers and spin plates. We had lots of fun!

This Summer term we have been learning about plants and animals. We have been looking at different habitats around school and the plants and animals that live there. In computing we took photographs of the animals we found and edited them on Picasa. Using the results of our animal hunt we are going to make graphs on the computer.

We have been researching how animals are adapted for living in different habitats and what those habitats provide for the animals that live there. We made our own habitat trays.

We have been learning what animals need in order to survive. We made our own food chains to show what animals eat. We have been learning the vocabulary: herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, producer, consumer, predator and prey.

In English we are writing explanation texts of lifecycles. We have started to explain the lifecycle of a chicken and a bean.

Spring 2

In our vehicles topic we have been focusing on history of vehicles and writing recounts of the Rainhill trials. We researched how George Stephenson won the race with his invention 'The Rocket'. In Science we have been investigating if the heaviest car rolls the furthest. This helped us to develop our questioning, investigating, measuring and recording skills. We then designed our own experiments to test what could affect how far a car could travel. The children choose to test height of the ramp, road surface and type of wheels.

We went on a vehicles survey to see the types of vehicles and the quantity that travel on local roads. The children really enjoyed this. Back in class we made tally charts and block graphs to show what we found.

Spring 1

This Spring term we have been looking at two contrasting localities, the small Scottish island of Coll and Brazil. We painted pictures of what it would look like if we looked out of our window in these different locations.

Also in Science we have been researching the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that are adapted for living there. In art we have been drawing detailed pictures of these animals. We have discussed the reasons for and against deforestation and shared our views on this.

To celebrate our learning we had a World Day. In the morning we focused on Brazil with a Capoeira workshop, Brazilian food tasting, dancing and carnival mask making. In the afternoon the children were put into clans and took part in a mini Highland Games and tartan making.

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is London. We will be focusing on what London was like in the past and what it is like now.

In art we have been sketching some of London’s famous landmarks using different sketching pencils to create light and dark.

In Design and Technology the class have been working with Mr Sharp to design and create their own London buildings. They have been testing different techniques to make them structurally strong.

As part of the history curriculum the children need to learn about historic events. We have been focusing on the Gunpowder Plot and The Great Fire of London. Later in the term the children will be using what they have learnt to write non-fiction books and diary entries for Samuel Pepys.

In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract numbers within 100 using equipment such as Numicon, bead strings, Dienes blocks and counters. We are learning to use pictorial representation to help us as well such as drawing number lines and tens and ones. The homework I will be sending home will support what the children have been learning in class.

We are also focusing on the multiplication tables for 2, 5 and 10 and to make and draw arrays to solve these.

Autumn 1

In Yellow class our topic this half term is food. In Art we looked at the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted faces made out of different objects including food! We made pictures of fruit and vegetable faces and sculptures made from real fruit and vegetables.

As part of our English lessons we have been writing instructions. We are starting to learn that instructions need to have a heading, numbers, adverbs of time, verbs and noun phrases. We will continue to refer to this vocabulary in all genres of writing throughout the year. There is a big emphasis on being able to accurately punctuate sentences with capital letters and full stops

In Science we've been learning that to stay healthy we need to have a balanced diet. When we eat a meal we need to make sure we've included food from each of the five food groups. We designed a healthy meal and made it out of clay.

In Maths lessons we have been learning to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. We have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones and learning to split numbers in different ways. We have been ordering numbers using the greater than and less than signs.

In Design and Technology we followed instructions to make a fruit salad and a pizza. We cut up the ingredients using the claw grip and bridge hold techniques.