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Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class

Spring 1

Happy new year!

This half term our topic is Space. We will be learning about the different planets and the moon landing. We will be following the children interests so who knows what else we will learn!

We have been making oil pastel pictures of the planets to help us remember the order. We looked at star constellations and made up some of our own.

In English the children have been using the iPads and books to research their own planet and make an information page. In English we have also been researching what happened on the first moon landing and use this to write a recount. During this time we have been learning to use indexes, contents pages and glossaries and look at how the writing in a fiction book is different to that in a non-fiction book.


In computing the children have been using the research they have gathered in English to put together a PowerPoint presentation about a planet of their choice. They will be learning how to add new slides, text and pictures, how to change the size and colour of their writing, how to add animations and transitions and finally how to show it as a PowerPoint which they will then share with other members of the class.


In D&T our focus is on wheels. We are busy designing our own vehicles that could go into space and we will be making fixed or moving axels and wheels for these.


In Maths we have been finding fractions of numbers and shapes, telling the time to the quarter of an hour and finding different ways to make the same monetary value.


Autumn 2

This half term we took part in a remembrance project to be displayed in town to commemorate 100 years since the end of the year. Our class made poppy mosaics which will form part of a big picture made by the whole school.

Today we enjoyed a museum workshop all about castles. We learnt how castles were made and what they were made form. We looked at real artefacts and even got to try some of them on. It was very exciting!


This half term we are looking forward to an exciting new topic about castles.

In History we will be learning who built the first castles in the UK and why, who lived in medieval castles and how the use of castles has changed over time.


In Geography we will be finding out why castles were built on hills, which land features make castles easier to defend, naming and locating the capital cities of the UK and their castles and designing and using simple maps and keys.


Mr Sharp is teaching D&T on Monday mornings. He will be teaching the children to design and make mechanisms for their castles.


In art we have been using lines to create pictures in the style of the Bayeux tapestry and to create a picture in the style of the Buck Brothers engravings. Below are the castle prints we made with our engravings.


In computing the children have enjoyed being games testers. They have played simpe games on Scratch and have changed the algorithms to make the games easier and more difficult to play. This has proved to be very popular! 



Autumn 1

This half term we will be making a splash with water!


As part of our poetry work we have been designing our own calligrams. This is where the writing is made to look like the word. The children have been drawing these and using different programs on the computer to create them.


In English we have been reading lots of stories about mythical water creatures including the Loch Ness Monster, selkies, kelpies, water dragons and water spirits. We designed our own mythical creatures and are busy planning our own stories for these.


As part of non-Fiction writing, we will be writing explanation texts of a basic water cycle which will be supported by our trip to Affinity Water.

In History we will be learning about Christopher Columbus and in Geography we will be discovering which countries he visited and which oceans he crossed. We will be plotting these on maps and choosing our own routes we would take if we were explorers.

In science we will be carrying out lots of investigations with water. We will be finding out which materials are waterproof, which objects float or sink and what we can do to get a sinking object to float.


Summer 2

Our topic this term is Materials. We will be exploring different types of material and how they are suitable for different purposes. We will be finding out how different materials are made and who invented them. We will be identifying and sorting man-made and natural materials and looking at how materials can be changed

What an exciting first few week back! Last week we joined lots of schools at Letchworth Tennis Club to take part in an Olympics event. We got join in with lots of activities including: dancing, curling, hockey, volleyball, football, relay and jumping. A great time was had by all.

Last week we also had a drama workshop called Perform come in and we went on a jungle adventure. It was nice to see everyone confident and joining in. 

This term we are lucky to have Caroline for P.E. She has been teaching us keep fit, balancing, stretches and  other skills.

Summer 1

This week has been our Science Week. We have been learning all about discoveries at home, outside and the wider World. On Monday we had a visit from Forest Schools and had a great time down in our woodland digging, making bark and leaf rubbings and discoveries what lives there.

In class this week we have been launching paper cases off different bottles to see which will go the highest. We've investigated which fruit and vegetables float and which sink. We discovered that a Satsuma floats but once it's peeled it sinks. We came up with some good ideas to test how we could get it to float again.

Also this week we had a visit from SetPoint and were involved in a workshop called Splash. We had great fun taking part in all the activities. We tested boats with different hulls and sails to see which went the fastest. We did floating and sinking experiments. We made paddle boats and tried to get our boats to go faster and slower, forwards and backwards. There was also a great team building activity where we had to use the pipes to move the water from the reservoir (one tank of water) to the house (an empty tank).

The children had a lovely time celebrating the royal wedding. We enjoyed watching the Morris dancers and the picnic on the field.

This Summer term we will be learning about plants and animals. We will be looking at different habitats around school and the plants and animals that live there.

In English we have been learning to write explanation texts. We have been explaining the lifecycles of animals and plants. We know that explanations need to have adverbs of time and noun phrase that add detail and are specific to that animal or plant. We have also been using conjunctions such as 'so' and 'but' in our explanations. Here are some of the lifecycles of  a bean plant and a chicken that we made in our groups.

Spring 2

In our vehicles topic we will be focusing on history of vehicles and writing recounts of the Rainhill trials. We will research how George Stephenson won the race with his invention 'The Rocket'. In Science we are investigating what makes toy vehicles roll in different ways. We have discussed the size of wheels, the length of the vehicle, it's weight, the height of the ramp and the surface it is rolled on.  This helped us to develop our questioning, investigating, measuring and recording skills. We are then designing our own experiments to test what could affect how far a car could travel.

We went on a vehicles survey to see the types of vehicles and the quantity that travel on local roads. We recorded this on a tally chart. The children really enjoyed this. Back in class we made block graphs to show how many vehicles we saw. We learnt how scales can go up in ones, twos, fives or tens and we used different scales on our block graphs.

In Design and Technology we have been designing and making our own vehicles. We are focusing on how to cut, measure and join different materials together to make them strong. We have been learning about fixed and moving axels and wheels. These are some photographs of our vehicles in the early stages.

Spring 1

This Spring term we have been looking at two contrasting localities, the small Scottish island of Coll and Brazil. We have been looking at maps and learning how to use keys and co-ordinates. We've been comparing the two countries by weather and physical and man-made features.

Also in Science we have been researching the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that are adapted for living there. As part of the Global Learning Program we have discussed and debated the reasons for and against deforestation and shared our views on this.

To celebrate our learning we had a World Day focusing on the two countries we have been studying. To celebrate Scotland we were put into clans and took part in a mini Highland Games, we made tartan and shortbread. To celebrate Brazil we made carnival masks and made a Brazilian chocolate truffle called a brigaderio. At the end of the day we tried different food from these countries. The children had a great time! 

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is London. Within our London topic, we will be covering skills in English, History, Design and Technology and Art. In History we will be learning about the Great Fire of London, why it happened, why Samuel Pepys is famous and what changes came about as a result of the fire.

In art we have been looking at what the buildings were like in 1666 and what they are like now. We used different sketch pencils to create dark and light on our drawings.

With Mr Sharp we have been looking at the designs of London buildings and we have designed our own that we are making. We have been thinking about how we can make our buildings stronger.

As part of our Geography work we've been finding out what it's like in other countries. We plotted different landmarks on a map and compared them to the landmarks in London.

In English the children have enjoyed making their own information books about the Great Fire of London. They have learnt to make a glossary and index pages. They have learnt that words in the glossary are in bold and words in the glossary and index are in alphabetical order.

Maths this half term has been focusing on place value and understanding of number. We have been making numbers with tens and ones equipment and using this to add and subtract. We have compared numbers and used speaking frames to explain how they know one number is bigger than another.

Autumn 1

In Yellow class our topic this half term is food. In Art we looked at the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted faces made out of different objects including food! We made sculptures made from real fruit and vegetables.

In groups we collaged our own pictures of fruit and vegetable faces.

Also in our Food Art Topic we made pasta faces.