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Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class 

Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 1   

 During the following year your child will be studying many different topics. The newsletter is designed to give you a general outline of the topics which we will be learning about. It will also inform you of any extra home work your child will need to do during the half term.

 Our topic this half term is Ourselves.

 In R.E, we are looking at the different communities we belong to.

 In Computing, the children will be learning to log onto their own individual profile saving and opening work. This is part of our internet safety and we will be using the Hector’s World programme to learn how to be safe on the computer.

 We will be learning about our bodies in Science, this will include looking at how our bodies work, the way we use our senses and how we change. We will also be looking at the differences between humans and animals and what they both need to keep healthy.

 In English we are learning about labels and captions, then poetry based on our senses.

We will then be looking at writing stories with familiar settings.

 Maths will still take a practical approach in year 1 but your child will be learning to sort order and classify objects as well as counting, adding and subtracting them.

In Art we will looking at portraits and recreating our own portraits in the style of different artist.


Portraits in the style of Picasso

Summer 2

We had a great time visiting Herring Green Farm were we looked at lots of different animals and got to hold and owl.

Summer 1

We looked at flowers through a magnifying glass. Then took it apart to label all the parts.

Our topic this half term is ‘Plants’.

In Science we will be looking at skills we need to carry out experiments as well as learning what plants need to grow and recording a diary of a seed.

In Geography we will be looking at plants that grow in different countries and finding out why.

In English we will be writing recounts about our swimming trips and the life cycles of plants.

In R.E we will be looking at ‘Human responsibilities’. This will be looking at taking care of ourselves, animals, plants and the world we live in. As part of this topic we will be going on a litter pick – date to follow. In art we will be looking at different Artist and the way thy use colour and texture in their work

Spring 2

Our topic this half term is ‘The UK’.

In Geography we will be looking at the four countries that make up the UK. We will be looking at Hitchin as a town and comparing it to other towns and cities in the UK. Children will also be looking at the different homes people live in.

As part of this topic, in History we will be walking down to Hitchin museum to find out how Hitchin has changed.

For Geography we look at the four countries that make up the UK.

Mr Sharp helped us to make miniature play ground equipment.