Highbury Infant School and Nursery

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What we do?

Whilst Mrs Avey manages the school day to day and is the principal professional adviser to the Governing Body (GB ) it is the GB that has responsibility for the overall management of the school.

The Governing Body:-

  • Determine the strategic aims and objectives of the school in accordance with all relevant legislation.
  • Monitor the implementation of the school plan.
  • Review the school policies and procedures.
  • Act as a critical friend providing both support and challenge.

The GB meet twice each term as a full GB and in-between times, in smaller committees focusing on:

  • Areas for school improvement and
  • The schools’ resources.

The Governing Body is made up of individuals who volunteer their services to the school; bringing their own skills, judgements, and knowledge from varying backgrounds.

Each governor also is linked to a specific curriculum subject within school.

Minutes of all our meetings can be acquired from the school office as can copies of all policies reviewed.

Every Governor has completed a declaration  of pecuniary and business interests which is reviewed annually. Currently there are no interests to declare for our Governing Body members. Conflicts of interest are declared at every meeting. 

Who we are:

Nancy Adshead  Headteacher
Tony Side 16/5/23-15/5/27 Chair/Co-opted Governor
Steven Miller 23/01/22-22/01/26 Vice-Chair/Co-opted
Fotini Tsiatoma  7/1/22-6/1/26 Co-opted Governor
Vickie Hellyer 1/2/20-31/1/24 Co-opted Governor
Ed Hawker  16/5/23-15/5/27 Co-opted Governor
Sally Phillips 1/9/23-31/8/23 Staff Governor
Lawrence Davies 8/11/23- 7/11/27 LA Governor
Caz Swanson 1/9/23- 31/8/27 Parent Governor
Lauren McKowen 1/9/23- 31/8/27

Parent Governor

Antoinette Flavin   Clerk of Governors


For governor biographies click here or click on a governor's name.


Members Link Area in School Committee
Nancy Adshead (Headteacher)   Resources
School Improvement
Victoria Hellyer Wellbeing/RSHE

School Improvement 

Cluster 1- RE, Geography, History

School Improvement (Joint Chair of committee)

Tony Side (Chair) Safreguarding/Child Protection/Looked after children/Inclusion/Health and Safety

School Improvement


Foundation Stage School Improvement
English School Improvement (Joint Chair of committee)
Ed Hawker Maths Resources
Steven Miller Science Resources (Chair of committee)
Fotini Tsiatoma Cluster 2- DT, PE, Music, Art


Computing/ Cluster 2-DT, PE, Music, Art Resources

How to contact us:

Being part of the Governing Body at Highbury Infant School is a very rewarding role. We are always eager to further our communication with our children, parents and community. Please take a look at our newsletters below.

If you would like more information about becoming a school governor, or have matters that you wish to raise with the GB, please contact us through the school office or by emailing governors@highbury.herts.sch.uk

 Governing Body attendance at meetings click here