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Hitchin Partnership

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Hitchin Partnership comprises of the 27 schools situated within Hitchin town and the villages. It has a team of three to support the development of the parent support & specialist services which also includes extra-curricular projects. The focus is on our community and the ability to be reactive to the needs of our families and students: Helping schools join together to run clubs, activities and services, share ideas and funding to ensure good value for money and increased opportunities for young people and enabling the long term stability of such activities. Linking with organisations such as Charities, local businesses, Universities and other providers to work together effectively in the common interest of young people Being a source of information and advice for schools and partner organisations Developing networks of interested people and providing small amounts of funds to support initiatives and developments.

“Working together to meet the needs of all young people from 0-19years within the schools in Hitchin and the villages”

What can we offer?


Hitchin Partnership currently employs two Family Support Workers to support you and your children with any concerns you may be facing around your child’s learning, development and wellbeing. We provide an extensive service for parents to discuss confidential matters.
The team work with Hitchin schools and their families to remove barriers that are preventing family members achieving their full potential either on an educational, developmental or emotional wellbeing basis .
WE CAN HELP: Provide information to parents and carers Respond to specific needs within families Encourage parents and carers to become involved in their children’s learning Being a “professional friend” at the hour of need (i.e. attending professional meetings etc)
Look out for us at coffee mornings, drop-in sessions or at open evenings at your own school.
You will also find details of parenting workshops and courses being run in our area on your school noticeboard 

Family Support Workers


Family Support Worker
Email: fsw@wilshere.herts.sch.uk
Mobile: 07817 715027
Throughout my working life I have worked in an array of environments such as a Nursery School where I worked as a qualified Nursery Nurse. I then continued with my professional development and studied Counselling skills for 2 years .I have also gained the national qualification and worked as a Learning Mentor for 2 years. My interest in family life continued and I went on to work in a Family Centre supporting families that were facing crisis. Today I work as a Family Support Worker for Hitchin Partnership, during this time I have attended numerous seminars as well as qualifying with a Diploma in working with families in schools. 


Family Support Worker
Email: psw@wilshere.herts.sch.uk
Mobile: 07817 715032
Margaret joined the team in April 2012, with numerous years of supporting children in various roles within education in Hertfordshire. Margaret is currently undertaking an accredited Mentoring qualification to further enhance her skills and looks forward to utilising these within her role. 


The Cabin @ Wilshere Dacre School, Fishponds Road, Hitchin, SG5 1NS
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