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Red Class 2020-2021

Autumn 2 2020

This half term's topic is Light & Dark and Celebrations

Autumn Term Learning Overview

Autumn 1 2020

Hello and welcome to Red Class 2020-2021.

We have spent a few weeks getting to know each other and learning all the new routines. The All About Me booklets, shared 1:1 with the children, are a great way of opening up conversations. They also inform us about a few special things that are unique to your child. They really do help us to start to build those all-important relationships.

On 22nd September we went for a nature walk in our woodland area. The sun was shining and the early Autumn colours shone  beautifully. We each had a collecting pot into which we put some natural treasures that we found in the woods.




We used the beautiful natural objects that we found on our woodland walk to collage the first letter of our names. They look great on our silver display board.


Red Class 2019-2020

Spring 2 2020

Our new topic for the second half of the spring term is Traditional Tales. 

We have begun with The Elves and the Shoemaker. The role play area is now a very popular shoe shop.

The children have made some very cute little elves.

Spring 1 2020

Our new topic for the spring term is The Word Around Us. We started by learning about toys from around the world. We discovered that children everywhere enjoy playing football. Some children in poverty have to make their own footballs by filling plastic bags with discarded newspapers and other pieces of rubbish. 

We then learnt about Chinese New Year. We watched some video clips of people preparing for their celebrations. We learnt a new song, Gung Hey Fat Choi, and the children made up their own actions to accompany it. They made red packets and learnt about coins. Making dragon stick puppets was a popular choosing activity and everyone enjoyed doing a dragon dance to some Chinese music in the hall.



The children enjoyed the story of The Great Race. We made a fantastic display to show the order in which the animals finished the race across the river.


The children were fascinated when listening to the book 'A Place to Call Home'. It taught us all about the different types of homes that people live in all around the world. It also, very sensitively, touched on the subject of refugees who have had to flee their homes to find safety.

Next we learnt about some of the different clothes that are worn in other countries from the book 'The Clothes We Wear'. Each child chose a picture in the book to copy. Together the pictures have made a beautiful and very colourful display in the hall.



Autumn 2 2019

We started the second half of the Autumn term learning about fireworks. We made firework safety posters.

We then went on to learn about Remembrance Day. We made felt poppies and wore them proudly  on Armistice Day to observe a minute's silence.


We painted poppies and have made a beautiful display in the classroom. We learnt a little poem about Remembrance Day.



As Christmas approached we decided to make some soup for Santa's reindeer. The children developed their physical skills by cutting up carrots and brussel sprouts. They mixed these into a big bowl of water. We thought the reindeer might like our soup; it would make a nice change from plain carrots.



Every child make a felt stocking and decorated it with glitter. We made a cosy looking fireplace and hung all the stockings up around it.


Every Christmas tree is special but we particularly like ours made of stars. Every child coloured in several different sized stars using brightly coloured oil pastels. We then arranged them into a beautiful Christmas Tree.