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Parents Information Page

Here are some pieces of information that will hopefully be useful to you in supporting your childs education both within and outside of school.

E-Safety information has moved to our new E-Safety Page.

Comprehension Information

Here is some information that may help you to work with your children.

Phonics Information


Here are some helpful hints regarding phonics.

To listen to examples of the phonic sounds have a look here.

Reading Information

Reading information sheet

Top tips for reading

Spelling Information

Top tips for spelling

Maths resources for use at home

Maths Worksheets

Ipad Numeracy Apps Information



If there is any other information you think would be beneficial to parents that could be displayed here please inform the school office and they will endeavour to have them added to this page as quickly as possible.

If school parents need a paper copy of any information from this website they may request and collect them from the school office.

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