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Phonics Video Clips

Teaching of phonics

Phonics is an important skill that children learn which helps to develop their reading and spelling skills.
Phonics is taught daily in school for 20 minutes. Phonics is split into phases, starting with phase 1 and continuing to phase 4.  After that children will learn the word and writing transcription that is detailed in the national curriculum for years one and two.
Children start phase 1 in Nursery. This page demonstrates the sounds the children learn as they progress through the phases.

Here is our latest parents phonics presentation

Phase 2

s-sat   a-ant   t-tap   p-pin   i-it   n-net
m-mat   d-did   g-got   o-of   c-cat   k-kit
ck-kick   e-bet   u-but   r-rat   h-hen   b-big
f,ff-fat,puff   l,ll-let,bell  ss-less

Phase 4

nd-hand   sp-spoon   mp-lamp   st-stop   nt-ant   nk-bank   ft-left   br-brick   gr-grow   cr-crow   fr-from   fl-fly   cl-clown   bl-blow   pl-play   pr-pram   gl-glow   tw-twist   tr-trick   sn-snow   sw-swing   sm-small   sc-scale

Phase 3

j-jet   v-van   w-wet   x-text   y-yet   z-zip   zz-buzz   qu-quit   ch-chip   sh-shop   th-thin   ng-ring   ai-rain
ee-feet   igh-night   oa-boat   oo-boot   ar-farm   or-for   ur-hurt   ow-cow   oi-coin   er-fern   ear-dear   air-fair

Further sounds taught in year 1.

ay-play   ou-house   ie-pie   ea-seat   oy-boy   ir-bird   ue-clue,venue   aw-draw   wh-white   ph-phone   ew-flew   oe-toe   au-caught   a_e-name   e-e-these
i_e-line   o_e-bone   u_e-tune

To see what each phase covers, please see the links below.


Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Year 1 content

Year 2 content


We recommend taking a look at this link as it has some useful explanations in the parents' guide on the home page;



Youtube Clip - Articulation of Phonemes