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Purple Class 

Summer 1 

To celebrate World Book Day, we created a display to show our favourite book characters. 

We talked about the different seasons and what happens in each season. We created a spring display and used our phonics to label our pictures. 

During our topic of knights, kings, queens and princesses, we created a whole class story. We also created our own shields and split pin knights. 

Autumn 2 

We are now back over in Purple Class! Here are some pictures of the main part of our classroom. 

We made our fireworks from our firework display into winter trees. 

This half term, we have been learning all about nocturnal and diurnal animals. We made a display of nocturnal animals including; toads, hedgehogs, bats and owls.  

Here is a picture of our winter display. We used our hand prints to make; reindeer, polar bears and penguins. As part of our fine motor activities we cut out snow people and threaded stars. 

Autumn 1 

Welcome to Purple Class! We are pleased to say that every member of purple class has settled in well and very few tears have been seen. The tears we have seen soon turned in to happy smiley faces. All of the children are taking part in getting to know you activities, which are helping the children to make new friends. We are reminding children of school rules and taking this opportunity to help the children get to know the school.

Here are the displays of our faces we created. One was made using paint, the other was made using the computer. 

In computing, we have been practising using the correct mouse control. We have to make sure our index finger is on the left side of the mouse and the middle finger is on the right. 

We created observational drawings of this very strange looking pumpkin. We had to look very to make sure we included the right colours and details. To create our pictures, we used oil pastels. 

We having been talking about the season Autumn and what changes we will see. During outside CIL, we become leaf collectors. Miss Howard put wheelbarrows, brooms and dustpan and brushes out to help us clear the leaves from our garden. 

Spring 1 

Our topic this half term is The World Around Us. We will be looking at a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. Some of these will include; Kipper’s Toy Box, A place to call home, There’s a boy like me, Time to play and Clothes around the world. We will also be learning about Chinese New Year and how people may celebrate.


Autumn 2 

Our topic this half term is celebrations/events. We will be looking at Bonfire night, Remembrance Day and Christmas. 


We made poppies out of clay. We used a cutter to cut out the petals and a circle for the centre. We then rolled balls of clay up to put in the middle to show the seeds. When the clay had dried we painted our poppies red and black and put PVA glue over the top to varnish them. 

For firework night, we made some firework biscuits. We used two different coloured icings. We put a spoonful of each colour on top of our biscuit and used a cocktail stick to mix the colours together. 

In foundation stage, we had a PJ day. As part of PJ day we had stories in the hall read by torch light. In class we had a bedtime drink and snack (hot chocolate and a biscuit) and designed pyjamas. It was a really fun day!