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Purple Class 2018/19

Summer 2

Safari Stu at Haverings 

We had an amazing time with Safari Stu on our school trip. He showed us lots of beautiful creatures. We got to hold or stroke them.

This half term in computing we practised using beebots. We learnt how to give the beebot instructions using the directional buttons and how to 'clear its memory' using the cross button. We used the word 'programming' and I explained the the children that they were programming the beebot to follow their instructions. 

Letting the butterflies go!

Once a few butterflies had emerged we started to let them go onto some of our beautiful flowers.

We have caterpillars in our class for the next few weeks. We will be watching them grow, see them inside their cocoons and emerging from their cocoons into butterflies.

This half term we will be working really hard on a writing. We will be thinking about letter formation and using our phonics.

Summer 1


This half term both reception classes will be taking part in a 12 week programme called Play-trition. This programme is designed to teach children to understand and make healthy lifestyle choices. They will be introduced to characters called Joe and Emma and will be given the opportunity to explore different foods, find out where they come from and learn what’s healthy and what’s not. The children will also be told about the importance of eating breakfast, how to keep our teeth healthy and how food gives us energy. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children and I am sure they will really enjoy it.

As part of our topic we have been planting different flowers to watch them grow. In our wood area (behind the Bluebells Centre) there is an area that was full of weeds and was not very nice to look at. We decided to make the area look nicer by planting some wild flowers. We split off into two teams, one team did the weeding and cleared the area, the other team helped level out the ground and put fresh compost down. We then went back to the woods as whole class and scattered some wild flowers seeds. We will visit the woods weekly to make sure the plants are getting enough water and to watch them grow.

We used clay to make minibeasts. We shaped the clay using our hands and other tools and after letting it dry, we painted it. 

Spring 2

Our topic this half term will continue to be books. We will read two non-fiction books; one about travel/ transport and the other about water. We will use these books to link to the activities we do.


World Book Day took place on Thursday 7th March. The children were invited to dress up as their favourite book character. In school they took part in a fancy dress parade in the hall with the rest of the school. We made bookmarks in class and the children will also got to go to a different classroom at the end of the day where another teacher read them a story. 


We learnt about why water is important. He created a piece of writing and Miss Craik made a water display of our work in the classroom. 

As part of science this half term we conducted a floating and sinking experiment. For our experiment the children started by having a whole class discuss about what might float and sink and why. The children came up with lots of interesting reasons and explanations. We wrote down our predictions as part of our literacy lesson.

For the experiment we tested each item after having a hands up vote. We wrote down our results in a chart and recorded them in a cutting and sticking activity.

Spring 1

This half term for maths we have been practising subitising and number formation. Here are a few of the things we have done.

We have had handwriting as a focus this year in school. We have been trying really hard to practise.

Chinese New Year

 For Chinese New Year we read the story about the Jade Emperor and the animals and discovered why each year is named after a different animal. We then took part in lots of different activities based on Chinese New Year. You can see some in the pictures above.  

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is celebrations. We will be looking at different celebrations that take place. The main celebrations we will be looking at are; Bonfire night, Diwali, birthdays and Christmas. During this term we will also be talking about Remembrance Day.

Forest Schools

This half term we will be taking part in forest schools for three weeks. Here are some of the things we have been getting up to.

Week 1 in forest school

Caroline met us at the wood entrance and we played a game called stop! We had to run/skip and jump on the spot until she said stop. Caroline told us this was to get our ears ready in case we were asked to stop for safety reasons in the woods. We then walked into the middle of the woods and played another game called 1,2,3 where are you? Caroline would send us off to find something e.g. the tallest tree and when we had all found one she would shout 1,2,3 where are you and we would reply 1,2,3 i'm here and run back to where she was. For the rest us our time in the woods we were able to explore. We could choose bug catchers, magnifying glasses, binoculars, digging or leaf rubbing with a twist (using material and a hammer).


Week 2

In this weeks forest schools we went down to the woods with Holly. She first played a memory game with us. She put a conker, an acorn, a pine cone, a stick and leaf on a mat and we had to guess which one she had taken when we had our eyes closed. Next we took part in lots of different activities, these included; conker and pine cone rolling, potion making, leaf rubbing, clay leafing rubbing and bug hunting. To finish we all got a chance to sit and lay in a hammock and listen to the sounds we could hear.

Week 3

In the final forest schools we took part in a number of different activities. The first activity we had was hammering nails into wood and then threading wool around them. The second activity we had was making bird feeders using pine cones, lard and seeds. We had magnifying glasses out to look for bugs and also sticks and ribbons to make magic wands. At the end of the session, Holly read us a story all about a boy who used his imagination to make his stick in to lots of different things.

We worked in a group to make gingerbread. First we had to cream together butter and brown sugar. Then we added flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and golden syrup and mixed it until it went crumbly. Miss Craik then squeezed it into a ball and put it into the fridge for 10 minutes. Once it had chilled, we made the dough warm in our hands and gently rolled it out. We used a cutter to make the shape. Miss Craik put them into the oven for 6-8 minutes.

The next day we were able to decorate our gingerbread person. We could put laces, smarties and chocolate drops onto our gingerbread person using icing.

Autumn 1 

Welcome to Purple Class! We are pleased to say that every member of purple class has settled in well and very few tears have been seen. The tears we have seen soon turned in to happy smiley faces. All of the children are taking part in getting to know you activities, which are helping the children to make new friends. We are reminding children of school rules and taking this opportunity to help the children get to know the school.


Our first week in Purple Class

In Purple Class we are having a display every week on one colour. The wc 17th September) our colour was purple. The wc 24th (September) our colour was red. The wc 8th October our colour was blue.

As well as a display on colour, we will also be having a sound of the week. The wc 17th September our sound was 's'. The wc 24th September our sound was 'a'. The wc 8th October our sound was 't'.



During multi-coloured week, we did observational drawing of fruit. We chose a fruit and looked carefully at it in detail. We used oil pastels. We then did an observation drawing of the fruit all together, using the drawing pencils.

We created autumn hedgehogs out of leaves. 

One of the activities for our colour celebration day was shaving foam and powder paint. As we mixed the piles of coloured shaving foam together, more colours appeared. It was good fun. 

Our under the ocean small world activity linked to the story Rainbow Fish.











Summer 2 2018

We have had a very busy half term starting with our Ugly Bug Ball. The children really enjoyed dressing up and all looked great in their costumes. Thanks to parents for all their hard work in making the wonderful and varied outfits.

We then went on to our new topic Off We Go! The children sorted vehicles according to whether they travelled in the air, on land or in water. Next they learnt about air travel, including listening to a first-hand account of travelling on a seaplane. The children showed such enthusiasm and asked really good questions to find out everything that they wanted to know.

Next we looked at the history of land travel, and the children compared photographs of land transport from the past and the present.

During the fourth week we learnt about emergency vehicles and the children had great fun trying on a selection of police hats and helmets brought in by a parent who works in the police force.


On 5th July the whole of Foundation Stage embarked on a trip to Haverings. We had two coaches, one of which was a double decker. We were very lucky with the weather as it was beautiful and sunny, if a little warm! The children had great fun taking part in a carousel of activities throughout the day. Purple Class started off in the woods. We wandered slowly through the dappled trees listening to the birds and taking in nature. We had a little bit of extra time so we went back into the woods and climbed on a felled tree.

Next Purple Class played on the grass. We used beanbags and hoops to play with our friends. The adults blew bubbles and the children enjoyed popping them. After that we all washed our hands and sat in a circle in the shade of a big tree to have our lunch. It was a lovely calm time when the children ate their picnic and chatted with their friends whilst renewing their energy.

Straight after lunch Purple Class split into two groups. One group went to the small fire and toasted marshmallows to put between two biscuits to make smores whilst the other group made bookmarks by sticking natural materials which they had found onto a strip of card. The groups then swapped places.

Our last activity was bug hunting in the meadow area with the magnifying glasses. Lots of the children also climbed into a hollow made where several trees had grown closely together. It looked like a little treehouse.

Before we knew it it was time to get back onto the coaches to return to school. Great fun was had by all and I'm sure the children slept well that night!

I think the enjoyed had by all can be summed up by one child who said "I want to LIVE at Haverings!"