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Nursery Class


Spring Term 1

Happy New Year!

Our topic this term will be 'The World Around Us'.


                                                                 Autumn Term 2

This half term our topic will be 'Light and Dark.' We will also be learning about the different festivals that our school community may celebrate. 

We began by learning about Bonfire Night and talked about the different colours that fireworks make and the sounds that they create. We have been very creative, using different techniques to make fireworks. After Bonfire night we drew pictures of fireworks in the night sky with chalks and created more with paint, salad spinners and recyclable materials.

We learnt a firework song, 'On Bonfire Night at 5 o'clock I Took my Money to the Firework Shop' and enjoyed making the firework sounds from the song.  

As part of our learning on Remembrance Day, we each made a poppy which we wore during the Nursery session.  A candle was lit and we sat quietly and thought about all the soldiers who had fought for us. 

We have been thinking about the different things that we are able to do during each  day, both in Nursery and when at home with our families. We have  also learnt that some animals are nocturnal and sleep during the day and are awake at night. We have enjoyed lots of stories about these animals, especially stories about owls.  

Look at the fun we had as we learnt about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.  

We made clay divas by first rolling the clay into a ball, then by pushed our thumbs in to make a hole and finally by pinching the clay to make the hole big enough for the tea light to fit. Finally, we decorated our diva with sequins.

We have  celebrated the festival Christmas. We listened to the Christmas story and learnt some new songs and rhymes. We took part in the Christmas production 'The Inn Crowd' where we were stars. We used many different creative techniques to decorate our Nursery and make gifts for our families.

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge.

The final festival that we learnt about was Hanukkah which is the Jewish 'Festival of Light'.


Autumn Term 1

Welcome to our Nursery!

Our topic this half-term will be 'All about Me' We will also be learning about the season of Autumn and festivals that happen during this season.

 We look forward to getting to know the children as they settle into the Nursery. Look how busy they have been getting to know each other and exploring their new environment. 

We all painted a picture of ourselves, carefully choosing the colours to match our eyes and our hair. Don't we look amazing!

Morning Nursery

Afternoon Nursery


Summer Term 1


Our topic this term will be the Great Outdoors.

Spring Term 2


We will be continuing the topic of Stories and Books this half term, starting with 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.  This story created a great interest about space.  We enhanced our learning further by exploring non fiction books and by learning a song about the planets.

We had great fun creating patterns on underpants which decorated our Nursery.  This idea developed from the story Aliens Love Underpants where the aliens collected lots of different styles and designs of pants.  We created aliens using different materials such as recyclable boxes, dough and paint.  We explored the texture of slime and observed the changes as we made it.
We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by listening to the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes, looking at non fiction books about the festival and making and tasting pancakes.  We even had pancake races which were great fun, although we found tossing, catching and running with the pancake at the same time tricky.
We celebrated world book day by enjoying a book character hunt.  The characters kept moving around the Nursery and some were tricky to find.  On World Book Day, we came to Nursery dressed up as a book character.  Don't we look fabulous!
Nursery have been following the PenPals scheme of work to develop our skills for handwriting.  Look at these fantastic pictures that we made using the pointillism technique - making dots.
In preparation for our Superhero drama session we listened to the story Supertato and created out own superheroes.
The final fiction book that we explored, My Mum's Fantastic, linked to our learning about Mothering Sunday.  We each made our mums a card, learnt a song (Why our Mum is Special)  which we performed and shared with our friends.

Spring Term 1

Our topic this half term will be 'Books'. We have begun by reading the story 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell and following the children's interests in letters, we have learnt about the journey of a letter. 

So that we could see what happens to a letter when it is posted, we wrote a letter to Mrs Avey asking her to come and read us a story in Nursery. We took the letter to Highbury Road post office, bought a stamp, posted the letter in the post box and waited. To help us remember what has to be included on an envelope when posting a letter, we learnt a new song which was sung to the tune of Frere Jacques.

We know that the letter completed its journey because Mrs Avey came to the Nursery with our letter and a story to read to us.

We had good fun writing our own letters and wrapping parcels and sending them at Highbury Nursery post office.


Our next focus book was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We listened to different versions of the story and learnt a new song 'When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears'. We explored both dry and wet porridge oats by filling and emptying different sized containers and by making and tasting porridge. 

After tasting the porridge we had to find our name and make a choice about whether we liked or didn't like it. As you can see most of the Nursery liked it!


The Three Billy Goats Gruff was our next book of the week.  We enjoyed constructing our own bridges and role playing the story developing our use of story language.

A selection of non-fiction books were used to help us learn about the festival of the Chinese New Year. We made lanterns, dragons and practised Chinese writing.  This year is the Year of the Pig  and by searching on the computer, we found out that we were born in either the Year of the Horse or the Year of the Sheep. 



Summer Term 2

We started this half term by continuing our mini- beast theme and enjoyed an Ugly Bug Ball . We came to Nursery dressed up as a 'bug' and joined in with the reception classes for a parade. We played bug themed games and made our own savoury bug biscuit.  Don't we look fantastic!


Summer Term 1

Our topic this half-term will be 'The Great Outdoors'.

We will be developing our understanding of the world around us by growing sunflowers, planting our own flowers, vegetables, herbs and seeds in the outside area and learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  

The Alligator's Garden story showed us how he looked after his garden and how he grew a range of flowers. We each planted our own sunflower seed and like Alligator we had to water it, leave it in a sunny spot and wait!


To develop our learning further, we have helped to prepare soil and plant seeds or flowers in our garden. We will be able to continue to care for these as they grow and talk about the changes we see. 

We discovered that some seeds grow quickly and some take a bit longer! Our cress seeds grew and were ready to eat in a week.


We practised our counting skills when making caterpillars. We had to count out circles, one for each letter in our name and then write the letters on the circles. The caterpillars were all different lengths because we have different amounts of letters in our names.


We learnt how to create a 3D ladybird using different techniques. First, we had to screw a piece of newspaper into an egg shape. Then we covered it with layers of mod-roc, making sure that none of the newspaper showed through. We commented about the changes we noticed as the mod-roc began to dry and it went from squishy to hard.
Once the mod-roc was ready, we painted our ladybirds using red paint so that no white bits showed through and then let this dry once more. We had to do this so that when we painted the black features, the colours did not mix together. Finally we glued googly eyes onto our ladybirds. Aren't they fantastic!


We listened to the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson and painted the characters and a scene from the book for our hall board display.


We found lots of insects in the woods and used an identification sheet to help us decide what bug we had discovered. We found woodlice, ants, spiders, slugs, snails, worms, millipedes, centipedes, flies and a bee.

Nursery took part in the school celebrations to mark the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We came to school dressed in red, white and blue and watched the Baldock Midnight Morris dancers and had a picnic lunch.



 We observed the development of some caterpillars and when the butterflies were ready, we released them into the big wide world.

We were very busy during science week! As the theme was exploration and discovery, we took part in a range of experiments where we could find out things for ourselves. Look at the fun we had!

Spring Term 2

We are continuing the topic of 'Stories' this half term, starting with the traditional tale 'The Elves and the Shoemaker', before moving on to stories written more recently. We will listen to stories written by Julia Donaldson and explore stories about other cultures such as 'Handa's Surprise'.

Our Maths focus this term will be Shape.

To link to the stories that we listened to about shoes, we changed our role play area into Highbury Shoe Shop. Look at the fun we have been having;  measuring our feet, trying on  shoes and paying for them.


During Book Week, we enjoyed lots of different activities. We enjoyed an African storytelling session when Thulani came to visit. We pretended to be lots of different animals as Thulani banged his drum and listened to a story called 'The Proud Leopard'. Later in the week we visited the Book Fair and dressed up as book characters. Don't we look fabulous! 


We then looked at the story 'Handa's Surprise'. This story was about a little girl who lives in Africa and takes a selection of fruit to give to her friend. On the journey different animals each took a fruit from her basket and when she arrived at her friend's her surprise was tangerines. We did some observational paintings of the fruit found in the story and even had the opportunity to taste the different fruit.


We really enjoyed the story 'The Gruffalo' and enthusiastically joined in with the repeated refrains! We had lots of fun going to the woods to search for the Gruffalo. We found the other characters on our journey and marked on a map where we found them. We did find the Gruffalo - he was hiding in the big tree by the storytelling chair but he didn't scare me!


We have been learning about the Christian festival of Easter. We listened to the Easter story and looked at objects related to Easter. We made an Easter card for our families and a chocolate Easter nest which was filled with chocolate eggs by the Easter bunny. We went on an Easter egg hunt to find our own egg with our name written on it.
We also tasted a hot cross bun which is traditionally eaten at Easter.
Finally we took part in an Easter egg tombola where we were able to learn the rules for playing the game, label and match the numeral on our lucky ticket.



Spring Term 1

Welcome back after the Christmas break!

Out topic this term will be 'Stories'.

We started the term by sharing our Christmas holiday news. The children were very excited and confident to talk about their experiences and the Nursery was often full of the children singing a range of the Christmas songs that they learnt.

Our first focus book was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We listened to different versions of the story and learnt a new song 'When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears'. In Maths we focused on size; sorting bears into groups of big, middle sized and small and brought in our bears from home to measure using cubes. Some of the bears were huge and we had to count to very large numbers! We recorded how big our bears were.

We explored both dry and wet porridge oats by filling and emptying different sized containers, making and tasting porridge and making melting moments.

After tasting the porridge we had to find our name and make a choice about whether we liked or didn't like it. As you can see most of the Nursery liked it!

We also looked at the changes we could see when we made our melting moment biscuits which are cooked in porridge oats. 

The second story that we focussed on was the Gingerbread Man. We acted out the story,  taking turns to play different roles. We retold the story using a story rainbow , remembering to use the Gingerbread Man's refrain 'run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man'. We learnt two rhymes about the Gingerbread Man one which helped with our maths learning.

We have been very creative designing our own Gingerbread Men and  making a story board for the hall display.  

We had great fun playing Gingerbread Man Bingo where we had to recognise the numerals on our bingo card. and used lots of different Gingerbread Men to match numerals and quantity. 

The Gingerbread Man popped up in lots of our activities around the Nursery.

We have been exploring floating and sinking by experimenting what happens to a Gingerbread Man when he is placed in water. He really needed to learn to swim because he sunk to the bottom of the tank. We did manage to find some different objects that floated.


Although Shrove Tuesday fell in the half term holiday, we celebrated it a week early by making and tasting  pancakes and having pancake races.

Chinese New Year was also in the half term holiday but we learnt about the festival by listening to the story about how the new year gets its name and by watching a video of a little girl and her family celebrating the festival. We made dragons, lanterns and practised Chinese writing. This year is the Year of the Dog and by searching on the computer, we found out that we were born in either the Year of the Snake or the Year of the Horse.