Highbury Infant School and Nursery

Tel: 01462 630500

E-mail: admin@highbury.herts.sch.uk



Highbury Infant School and Nursery is a community school within the North quadrant of Hertfordshire County Council Education Authority. It occupies an attractive, open, grassed site in a quiet location close to and overlooking the town centre.

Highbury is a single-storey traditionally designed building. It was built in three phases between 1960 and 1967 and has six separate classrooms, a large hall, separate dining hall, computer  suite & library.

The nursery has its own entrance and secure outside play area. It is furnished and equipped to provide a rich learning environment for pre-school children.

Parent Communication

The school operates a system called SchoolComms, which enables letters to be sent home electronically. Please ensure that the office has your current email address.

Please contact the school secretary, Mrs Antoinette Flavin, if you have any queries.

Online Appointment System

We use an online appointment booking system which allows parents to choose their appointment times at meetings selected by the school (this includes parents' meetings and other information meetings). The school will let you know when a particular event/meeting is posted on to the system.  

Please visit https://highbury.parentseveningsystem.co.uk 

This link will explain how to login.

If for any reason you find any difficulty booking on for an event/meeting, please contact the school office who will be happy to add appointments on your behalf.

School Closure

Should there ever be the need to close the school in an emergency or due to severe weather,  this will be put onto the homepage of our website and you will be notified by;

  • Email  (if you have an email address, but have not yet let us know, please give your details to the office)


Contact us

Highbury Infant School and Nursery
Standhill Road,
01462 630500
Fax: 01462 630502

Email: admin@highbury.herts.sch.uk

Any queries from parents or members of the public should be directed firstly to Mrs A Flavin in the school office.

How to find us

Please note that if you are using a SATNAV, you must enter both the road and postcode (Standhill Road SG4 9AG), as the postcode alone will send you up a deadend.

You can use the interactive map shown below to see where we are located. (Click and drag)

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